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 KoW academy study guide (Overlords& elections/laws and rules)

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Sayian Sweet
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PostSubject: KoW academy study guide (Overlords& elections/laws and rules)   6/23/2011, 9:04 pm

Overlords are the main moderators of the alliance. Without them, the alliance would literally fall apart. Overlords provide protection, help and guidance toward players, and help them steer the right path on the game. however, an overlords biggest responsibility is maintaining the player fleet. Don't be scared about that.

The player fleet does not mean that an Overlord can command you to bash your fleet against the number one player in the game, just for pure entertainment. What the whole purpose of a fleet serves, is to put players together in a safer alliance and atmosphere. the players within that fleet can help each other if need be, and expand friendships, or attacking runs together. The Overlord assigned to fleet is only the Moderator of the fleet, even though you are assigned to that fleet.

the Overlord is in charge of the fleet in case of an alliance war. On these extremely rare occasions if the entire alliance has been declared a threat, it is the Overlords job to make sure that you receive orders in which MATCHING planets you could attack to cripple the other alliance. Never will an overlord give you a target that is at least 100 ranks over your current rank, nor can the Overlord make you attack another player to stay in the alliance.
In case of an alliance war, you are not required to engage the hostile alliance, however it is recommended you do so, because the likely hood of you being attack by the enemy is extremely high.

Other than being the fleet leader/moderator, Overlords are alliance managers as well. They can make changes to the alliance forums and categories, they overlook player status and updates, have a a veto in the Council, and can register or ban members if necessary.

The only way to become an overlord is if you have been if you are elected by the members themselves. that's right, the Supreme Emperor and Overlords dont choose who the next overlord is, the members do. However only elected officials can be voted to becoming an overlord. Usually, Knight of War members are the recommended personal to vote for, because of great Ogame experience, but anything can happen.

Overlords should have the following traits.
kind, friendly, courteous, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, reverent, and honorable.

members can be an Overlord for as long as possible, as long as that Overlord is loved by the members of their fleet. If the fleet calls for a new overlord, the overlord will resign as a Knight of War. They then will be exempt from elections for the next overlord, but may re-enter elections if another Overlord resigns. If a fleet decides a new Overlord should manage, all members in the alliance can vote for the new Overlord, and cast a ballet for the next Overlord.


The KoW alliance only has some simple rules for the public to abide by other than ALL Ogame rules that already take hold in the game and universe.
All of Ogames personal rules should be followed and addressed appropriately. anyone who does not abide by the simple Ogame rules will be banned from the alliance.

If you do not know the Ogame rules and foundations, the following link can provide you with all the knowledge you need-

KoW rules abide by the Ogame rules, and the following rules as well

#1 Do not display or publicly advertise adult websites or content.

#2 Profanity must stay low and absent from the forums. If explicit profanity is found on the forums, it can lead to a suspension of your account

#3 All players are to be treated with respect and kindness.

#4 A player must be placed in a fleet, assigned by an Overlord for alliance wars, and protection.

Thank you.

Supreme Emperor~Sayian Sweet
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KoW academy study guide (Overlords& elections/laws and rules)
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