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 KoW academy study guide (trade/moonshot)

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PostSubject: KoW academy study guide (trade/moonshot)   6/23/2011, 8:32 pm


Trading resources is common ingame. You can conduct trades directly ingame with ally members or other players you trust but you can also publicly advertise resources and what you want in exchange at the Trade

Remember: If you send out a trading fleet, it is best to send from your homeplanet. Although your colonies can often be found while scanning through the galaxy after a few minutes, there is no reason to give up the coordinates to anyone but allies. Also ,to protect your colonies, colonize a random far-away planet and initiate the trade there; then delete it.

People usually trade using a ratio. The exchange rate (ratio) varies depending upon how abundant the resource is in a universe and how old the universe is, but here is the most commonly used ratio listed below.

metal 3 crystal 2 deuterium 1

If two players initiate a trade, the trade should be completed within 48 hours unless a GO was notified before. Otherwise, both players may be banned for pushing. If a player reneges and does not send resources during a trade after the other player already has, that player may also be subject to a ban.
The way to do a trade that insures that it is completed without problems is as follows:

Lower ranked player sends resources to higher ranked player.
Higher waits till resources arrives then sends back.
If the higher ranked player does not send the return, the lower ranked player can contact a GO who will ban the higher ranked player for being Pushed and force them to return it.
If the higher ranked player sends first and the lower ranked player does not return, there is no guarantee that the lower ranked player will be banned, since this is not against the game rules for higher ranked players to send resources to lower ranked players.


Any time a large battle occurs leaving more than 100k debris behind, the owner of the planet where the battle took place receives a moonchance, and if lucky, a moon. Each 100k debris gives a 1% chance of producing a moon, up to a maximum of a 20% chance with 2,000k debris.
The most used way to generate the debris is to crash a fleet of light fighters; 84 destroyed light fighters is 1%, and 1667 light fighters is 20%. Alternately, 1667 small cargos can be used, as they create no damage to the "fodder" defenses of the defending planet, and are easier to be defeated, though they are slightly more expensive.

There is no need to go beyond 1667 light fighters, as 20% is the highest moonchance percentage available: more will not increase the odds.

It must also be noted that on some universes, the debris field ratio is higher (for example on uni 40, it is 40% instead of the standard 30%). In this case, only 3/4 of the ships must be sent. For light fighters, this means a fleet of 1250 for 20% moonchance.

The fleet needed to crush the kamikaze fleet is usually harder to attain due to its costs (including deuterium) and high end ships.

Many people opt for the alternative of using 112 Battleships instead of Light fighters for Moonchances for the following reasons:

They have the same resource building rate (metal 3 / crystal 1).
They do less damage to the crushing fleet.
They do way less damage to the planet defenses than 1667 light fighters, which make them perfect for turtle-like moonchances.
They can be easily crushed with a fleet of battlecruisers.
The fleet points don't increase that drastically, so you're not that noticed.
Battleships can do other tasks in lower numbers before the moonchance happens, unlike the light fighters.

When creating moonchances with your friends, certain rules are typically observed.
If the person receiving the moonchance is lower ranked than the person giving the moonchance, then the receiver may keep the debris.
If the person receiving the moonchance is higher ranked than the person giving the moonchance, the receiver may not keep the debris (it is considered pushing); therefore, just compensation must be made for the resources of the DF to satisfy the pushing rules. A reverse moonchance is often offered in trade. Goodbye hits of lower ranked players on higher ranked players are not permitted. When in doubt, check with a Game Operator.
Moon swaps are allowed, so long as the higher ranked player does not gain more resources than they send in return.

Permission is required for all moonshots from a Game Operator. For .org, the address is

The probability of getting a moon is capped at 20% maximum. No matter how many times you try to get a moon, each try will only have a 20% chance of creating a moon for you, as an event does not get more likely just because it has not occured earlier. Please refer to's_fallacy for more information.

Please note that on Barym you only need 3/4 of these numbers due to it being a special server.

Ship/ Amt. (for 20% Chance)/ Metal Required/ Crystal Required/ Deuterium Required
Light Fighter/ 1667/ 5001k/ 1667k/ 0
Heavy Fighter/ 667/ 4002k/ 2668k/ 0
Cruiser/ 248/ 4960k/ 1736k/ 496k/
Battleship/ 112/ 5001k/ 1667k/ 0/
Small Cargo/ 1667/ 3334k/ 3334k/ 0
Large Cargo/ 1112/ 3334k/ 3334k/ 0
Colony Ship/ 223/ 2230k/ 4460k/ 2230k
Battlecruiser/ 96/ 2880k/ 3840k/ 1440k
Bomber 90/ 4500k/ 2250k/ 1350k
Destroyer 61/ 3660k/ 3050k/ 915k
Death Star 1/ 5000k/ 4000k/ 1000k
Recycler 417/ 4170k/ 2502k/ 496k
Espionage Probe/ 6667/ 0/ 6667k 0

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KoW academy study guide (trade/moonshot)
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