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 Elections - Overlord

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vote for overlord.
 29% [ 2 ]
 43% [ 3 ]
 28% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 7


PostSubject: Re: Elections - Overlord   8/16/2011, 12:06 am

In case of a draw, I will be happy for forget my vote on myself and give up the position
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Sayian Sweet
Supreme Emperor
Supreme Emperor

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PostSubject: Elections - Overlord   8/15/2011, 10:07 pm

Voting is now currently in session to electing a new Overlord for our first fleet. The candidates have been picked due to full membership, and loyalty to the server browsers. In the future, members will pick their own candidates.

This pool is dedicated to the Democracy of the alliance to ensure by your votes that the proper Representative of being a Overlord is requested. Here, you can cast in eligible members into the state-ship of becoming an Overlord. Any man or women who participates in the elections honestly and fairly shall receive a proper promotion. There can be ONLY 1 vote per member. Any more than 1 vote will lead to your votes being uncounted, and a possible demotion in rank. The candidate with the highest amount of votes shall be declared Overlord, and choice a fleet to command, the runner up (second highest) will receive a high ranked promotional right of passage. The polls shall last for 3 days, then it will automatically be seized.

All fully fledged members are eligible to voting, regardless of rank or status, however... those who have not applied on the home forum, shall not be eligible for voting. Anyone who is a soldier, or higher will relieve the honor of voting. All squires and guests, cannot vote due to lack of full membership by not applying on the forums. If you are currently a supporting member (squire, newcomer) then you can still vote only if you make an application on the home forum, and it is excepted in time.

f any players have any questions, please notify me accordingly by the home forum, or Ogame forum.
Thank you, and good luck candidates!

Supreme Emperor~Sayian Sweet
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Elections - Overlord
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